Winter Skills

What can you say about the winter experience in the Britsh Mountains?

Stunningly beautiful on a cold clear day, or wild and exciting when the wind blows the cloud and snow at you. They can be some of the most challenging days you may ever experience, but also some of the most rewarding and memorable.

Making the transition from summer to winter walking can be daunting, there is so much more going on.

Our winter walker courses aim to bridge that gap, and are designed to introduce you to the winter environment, or develop the skills you may already posses. They cover the foundation skills to operate safely in the winter terrain and aim to leave you with increased confidence, so that you are able to both plan and carry out your own winter ventures. 

Course Content

Our courses can vary in length from a one day refresher to three days for those requiring a bit more guidance.

A typical introductory course example (subject to conditions and weather):

Day 1

Weather and avalanche forecasts.

Personal clothing/how to wear it.

Efficient travel in the winter terrain.

Ice axe use and self arrests.

Use of crampons for travel.

Avalanche awareness and avoidance.

Intro to winter navigation.

Day 2

This day will see us consolidating some of the previous day's learning plus we'll also cover some extra areas too:

Emergency shelters and procedures.

Moving through steeper terrain

Navigation techniques.

Day 3

Putting it all together, a days journey through the winter hills.


Technical equipment such as an ice axe, crampons and helmet are required. You are welcome to use your own or we can help you hire these for the course duration.

You will need to have boots that can take a crampon and are generally classified as B2 or B3 boots.We can help you with this if you aren't sure.

Clothing is a personal choice, but a good set of waterproofs and plenty of warm under layers will be essential. Full details are supplied at the time of booking.


Walking in winter can be more demanding than in summer, but if you are able to complete a full walk in the summer hills with reasonable breaks, then you will be fit enough. A winter's day can see us out and about for around 7/8 hours.


We aren't able to offer accommodation,but our course base of Fort William has a variety of options to suit all budgets and tastes. 

Course Staff

I deliver all my winter courses and have worked with groups both on the West Coast and in the Cairngorms. When not working in winter I'm out for myself enjoying the environment walking and climbing.

Location & Dates 2020

Our courses are based on the West Coast from Fort William and are non residential. The area offers some of the best mountain scenery in the UK with plenty of scope for exploration. All of this is within a short drive of Fort William with reliable winter conditions. Failing this, the Cairngorms aren't too far away either.


Courses can run on combinations of days between the 20th February- 1st March

Costs per course

1:6  - £150 each

1:4  - £130 each

1:1 or 1:2 can be arranged, and we would need to discuss costs based on number of days required.