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Costa del Scotland...

It was unlike any Scottish winter I've experienced in the last 19 years. I always prepare for anything weather wise, but not typically warm sunny days. The lack of snow after arriving last week was a surprise,I wasn't expecting it to be that bad.

I headed out over the next two days and found some useable snow for the winter skills course I was delivering for a group from Highball Climbing Centre in Norwich. That's a long journey and I didn't want to disappoint.

So we headed eventually into Coire Leis and Stob Coire Nan Lochan. I'd prepared the group on the evening of arrival for some chunky walk-ins to get to it, and the days certainly delivered on that front.

Coire Leis

The three day course flew past in the end. It was actually a treat not to be battling against winds, spindrift and cold temperatures. We were able to cover most of what was needed, with plenty of opportunity to focus on good movement around varied terrain, with and without crampons, and of course cover some sliding around. We even dug some somewhat shallow emergency shelters.

Our journey on day three, definitely had a summers day feel to it, and we covered some navigation tasks on route.

My group from Highball Climbing Centre in Norwich were amazing, 3 big days of walking, and they got on it with it, lapping it all up. A few visits to the local pubs gave that extra incentive to get back to the cars.

So no, not a classic Scottish winter experience, but one I'll remember for the great company and summer like conditions for a while to come yet.

Cheers all, you were great!!

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