• Steve Pease

"Rain before 7, dry by 11"

Only one wet day last week, as we were over in North Wales course directing an ML for Blue Peris Mountain Centre. The candidates didn't believe the saying "rain before 7, dry by 11' but it did come true, by my watch anyway!

Two groups from Worcester University's outdoor degree course kept us on our toes, with loads of enthusiasm and questioning. I enjoy courses like this, where everything we say and do leads to positive discussions and more questions!

Of course there was plenty of practical too, visiting as many corners of the national park as we could in 6 days, ending in our overnight expedition.

The weather was amazingly kind for the expedition, a less than brilliant initial forecast actually never arrived, with only an hour of rain before night nav.We were tucked up in our tents cooking or dozing anyway.

The night nav was productive, strategy, careful pacing and a disciplined approach to sticking to our plans got us to our chosen features. The course ended with 1:1 de briefs, a crucial part of the course for me as director, ensuring each candidate leaves with an idea of what they need to work on in the consolidation phase and to get feedback from them too!

We return to Blue Peris late May for their next training course.

So another great week in the mountains, we're off to the Lakes next.....

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