• Steve Pease

Mountain Leader Assessment Week

So our kit has dried out from our latest ML assessment week over in North Wales, course directing for Blue Peris Mountain Centre. It was a full course with 8 candidates from various backgrounds. We looked at navigation and steep ground work over the first two days,in areas such as Crimpiau and Tryfan.

The chunkiest part of the week is the expedition,three days and two nights of wild camping,enabling all areas of the syllabus to be looked at. I had a great group of four who were all keen and enthusiastic. The weather was tough on day one, strong winds and limited visibility,not to mention the rain. Other than night nav, I'm not sure it gets any harder under summer conditions. Being well equipped was crucial,as not being deterred by the conditions meant the focus was on the nav and group leadership. I have to admit by the time we arrived at our overnight camp spot we were all a little on the damp side. The challenging weather theme continued into the night nav where the weather still did it's best to put us down,again concentration was the key. Day two and three were slightly better, the rain had stopped and we were rewarded with some views until the clouds quickly rolled in and normal service was resumed. I timed our arrival at camp two perfectly, as the sun came out and we were all able to dry off damp items of kit.

It may have been a "summer" assessment but it proved that thorough preparation supported by good fitness and kit are huge factors in being ready for assessment.

clearly enjoying their week. Wednesday was a tough day weather wise.Strong SW

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