Privacy Policy

We aren't a large organisation, so our communication with clients is simple and straight forward.

  • We will only contact you after you have approached us with an interest in our services. This will be to discuss the arrangements of the course you are interested in, or are booked onto. This is typically via email or phone.

  • With your consent, we will ask you to complete our medical/consent form. This enables us to carry out our duty of care.

  • Blank forms are emailed to you in advance or are filled in on the day and handed to us in person. If we need them returned in advance you may choose to email or post. If you have a particular need or do not wish to fill in the form then we can arrange a phone call.

  • The forms will be carried by us during all courses as they are of "vital interest" to our work. 

  • Relevant information (medical needs/conditions) will only be shared with associate staff present on the course. No other personal details will be shared.

  • All forms after use, are kept in a secure location at our business address. They are shredded when not required any further.

  • You may send information to us via email or post.

  • We do not use any customer data to sell further courses via email or marketing campaigns. 

National Governing Body Awards & Workshops

If you are looking to book a governing body course or workshop, you can do this via the candidate management system on the Mountain Training site. We can do the rest from our end, or contact us first to talk!!!


Payment for organisations is typically done via invoice,we aren't able to take card payments.

Individuals paying their own course fees is done via BACS or cheque. Cash is rarely taken except in small amounts or for very late bookings.This will be at our discretion.

Course Costs

All our instructional bespoke days are priced from £175.00 per day. 

Technical advice, in house or site specific training is from £325.00 per day.

DofE expeditions are dependant on numbers involved. A per day, per participant cost will be supplied for your consideration.

Terms and Conditions of Booking

We will supply full course joining details and our consent and medial declaration form. One per person is required. These must be completed by all participants before activities commence.

At the time of booking you are accepting of your course place, and are agreeing to the below terms with regard to payment:

Payment is either agreed via a purchase order, or an agreed deposit, or full payment is paid.

Purchase orders, and deposits can only be agreed outside of six weeks before the course start date. Four weeks or less before the course start date, you are agreeing to a non refundable full payment within one week of the course booking date. 

Vertical Relief reserves the right to cancel any course due to circumstances outside of our control, such as hazardous weather conditions, accident, transport theft, breakdown or illness. 

Where a course is cancelled by Vertical Relief, we will refund all monies paid to us. In all cases liability will only extend to the refund of monies received. Please note all cancellations made by either party should be made in writing.

Where an organisation, or person acting their behalf, or an individual client cancels a course place more than six weeks prior to the course date, 50% of the total course fee will be kept. Where a organisation or person acting on their behalf, or individual client cancels a course or course place less than four weeks prior to the course date, Vertical Relief will offer an alternative date(s) but unfortunately, no refund will be given. 


Vertical Relief is not under any liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to personal property. 


Vertical Relief holds Professional Indemnity, Public and Employers Liability insurance and is therefore insured for the activities we deliver. Copies can be provided on request.


Safety & Participation Statement

The safety of our clients is paramount. However, all clients should be aware that all mountaineering activities involve an element of risk and as such should be aware of the BMC participation statement.

Participation Statement:

“Mountaineering and associated activities, by their nature, involve an element of risk, which cannot be totally eliminated. Every care is taken to ensure the safety and well being of participants. However, adventurous activities do involve the acceptance of risk and of responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions.”

Vertical Relief reserve the right to exclude any client from the planned activity if their actions are thought to endanger the safety of themselves or other clients. No refunds of fees are available to anyone thus excluded. Any client who acts in the contravention of the decisions or advice of the instructor or undertakes independent activities during the course will forfeit all professional protection and duty of care from the instructor.


Steven Pease T/A AS Vertical Relief holds National Governing Body awards (NGB), for all activities offered. Steven Pease is a member of the Association of Mountain Instructors. http://www.ami.org.uk


All course fees include the use of certain items of specialist equipment which Vertical Relief can supply. Please let us know in advance of any such requirements. Obviously, you may feel more comfortable using your own equipment and are welcome to do so. Vertical Relief reserve the right to examine specialist equipment and exclude it from use if appropriate.

Medical conditions and Fitness

Vertical Relief should be informed of any medical conditions or injuries at the time of booking. If you have been recently diagnosed with a condition or sustained any form of injury which may affect your participation or safety, then please contact us immediately. All information is held in the strictest of confidence. If you are signing the individual booking form as a parent or guardian for somebody under the age of 18, please ensure that all medical conditions are included. If you have any queries regarding your fitness for your chosen activity then please feel free to contact us.


Vertical Relief will use photos of clients on their web page, social media and marketing materials. If you have any objections to this, please let Vertical Relief know.



We are unable to provide transport to course locations.