Advice & Guidance

Activity safety management

I have 20 plus years experience in the delivery of adventurous outdoor activities across the UK and parts of Europe, as well as many years personal experience. I am an established and experienced course provider for Mountain Training, the UK's national awarding body for climbing and mountain activities. I provide various award courses such as the Climbing Wall Instructor, Climbing Wall Development Instructor, Mountain Leader and Lowland Leader. Since 2020 I have worked as freelance inspector for Adventure RMS, carrying out statutory inspections on behalf of the Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority/Health and Safety Executive.


My roles have involved offering varied advice and guidance. From a college outdoor department operating nationally and internationally, to being the Head of Centre, and DofE Manager for a local authority outdoor education centre. Managing safety in varied activity settings and contexts has, and still is part of my regular work.

These roles held significant responsibility and accountability and included line managing instructional staff teams, overseeing and approving school DofE expeditions, NICAS scheme levels 1-4, the development of staff training schemes, session observations, and the writing of supporting documents for staff and activities.

Many schools and organisations have their own climbing walls, deliver the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme or wish to deliver activities where external advice and guidance may, or should be sought. I work with various organisations and have delivered either national award courses, or developed in house site specific training for staff if deemed appropriate.

I always aim to deliver an accurate and quality service, after first listening to and discussing your exact requirements. 

Importantly I "know what I don't know", and specialise in climbing (indoor and out), walking activities, and some traditional style high ropes courses. 

I would be happy to discuss your activity safety management needs, with a few common examples below:

site specific staff training and assessments;

session observations;

CPD days, refresher training;

award courses tailored to suit your organisation’s diaries;

supporting documentation, risk benefit analysis, operating procedures, staff training programmes.

We currently work with the following clients:

Hilltop Outdoor Centre;

Avid Climbing;

Cambridgeshire County Council;

Rainbow Rocket Bouldering Centre;

Adventure Dolphin Climbing Centre;

Culford School;

Springwest Academy Feltham;

Wildside Outdoors;

Highball Climbing.

As with all of our bookings, please feel free to contact us so I can discuss exactly what you may need.